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20 Years of Service 1989 - 2009

In 1989, members of the Fire Department, City of New York created the DART program - a partnership between the FDNY and the American Red Cross in Greater New York - made up of active and retired firefighter and fire officers who have generously volunteered their knowledge, experience and compassion to help those affected by disaster.
DART's accomplishments to date include:

  • 91 national disaster relief operations throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands
  • 607 individual member deployments
  • 66,594 hours volunteered  on disaster relief operations

 The American Red Cross in Greater New York is very grateful for our partnerships with DART and the FDNY.  The tireless efforts of the team have helped countless people over the years and it is with deep appreciation that we thank you for your service to the American Red Cross, the City of New York and the country.


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Join D.A.R.T.
Image At this  time DART is not taking in any new members.  Attention active and retired firefighters and Fire officers.  You think you can make a difference if another Katrina hits?  If a tornado tore through your town, are you hyped to help out our neighbors?
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